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At last I will have a place of my own – its mine forever and I can be safe

Womens Housing

All women have the right to safe, secure, affordable housing choices.

Women’s Housing Limited (WHL) focuses on human rights, particularly the basic rights of women (and their children) to housing, healthcare,education and employment.

Since our establishment in 1997, we’ve been listening to and validating women’s experiences, and acting as their voice in the housing sector.

Womens Housing

Want to Make a Donation

We have a huge demand on our service which includes not only seeking accommodation, but also the provision of basic toiletries, train tickets and food. With this increasing demand we need your help more than ever.

Please click on the link below to make a donation through the Give Now website.

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Newport Development

The progress continues!



Berwick Art Program

With the support from the City of Casey, Women’s Housing Ltd and Amanda Foster at Snoop Art developed an art program at the Berwick Rooming House. Through a series of six workshops tenant explored art as a way to find peace and feel safe, build self esteem and pride and at the same time possibly change their economic future.

Each participant was given the opportunity to learn skills related to the art medium that interested them.  As a group, the participants completed a mosaic panel that is displayed in the grounds of the Berwick House. Each person that participated had personally engraved pieces embedded in the final Mosaics. Each participant was encouraged to create a personal piece that will signify a positive outcome and personal achievement.

Mosaic Collage

Thank You Bunnings!

Women’s Housing Ltd would like to send a big thank you to the Bunnings Group for their generous donations.  Several Bunnings stores have provided gift vouchers, energy efficient lights and household goods.

The Bunnings Group have also assisted tenants to fix the garden at the Berwick Rooming House including re-potting plants, planting herbs and providing outdoor furniture.


Women’s Housing Limited believes a home is not just a roof over your head.  With the support from organisations like the Bunnings Group we are able to provide additional services to improve the lives of our tenants and help them feel safe and secure.

Thank you for the wonderful support!