Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a WHL property?

If you are on the VHR and have opted in for consideration for Community Housing, WHL will see your application when there is a vacancy that matches your broadband, property requirements, income and other criteria. If you are a match for a particular vacancy, WHL will contact you to discuss this further. WHL do not accept direct applications for properties and only utilise the VHR.

How long is the wait for a property on the VHR?

This depends on a range of factors such as vacancy rates, your broadbands and property requirements, the amount of people on the waitlist, your priority level and more. WHL cannot give an estimate about this and encourage applicants to check in with their local access point to see if there’s anything they can broaden on their application.

How does WHL match applicants to properties?

WHL primarily consider the location of the property, number of bedrooms, accessibility characteristics when selecting applicants from the VHR. Interviews and a property inspection will be conducted, and the most suitable applicant will be successful.

Am I eligible for priority access?

The VHR will identify persons who have the highest need for housing in comparison to general applications. For more information about the categories of applications, see:

What happens if I am allocated a property?

If you are allocated a long-term property, your application will be removed from the VHR and it will constitute a formal housing offer. You will only be eligible to return onto the VHR for a Priority Transfer in special circumstances. For more information, see:

What happens if I reject a property?

You are able to decline a suitable property offer twice and still remain on the VHR if the refusal is considered reasonable. If you refuse a third property offer or your refusal is unreasonable, the VHR may remove your application.

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