Important update to Second Step Restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne effective from 18 October 2020. Key points:

  • Stay at home unless you are shopping for essential goods (align with public gathering requirements), care or caregiving, school or permitted work, exercise or social interaction must stay within 25km from home
  • Face masks are mandatory, ensure you wear a face mask in public and in situations where you are unable to social distance. Face shields, bandanas and scarves are no longer sufficient. A face mask should cover the nose and mouth
  • No interstate travel unless for permitted purposes
  • Ten people from two households can meeting outdoors for sport or social interaction. Single person households or single parent households can have one nominated visitor. Face coverings must be worn and bubble cannot cross between metro and regional areas
  • Stay within 25km of your home except for permitted reasons such as work or education if these cannot be done at home
  • Health professionals will be able to resume routine face-to-face care
  • Tennis courts, golf courses and outdoor swimming pools open
  • Hairdressers to reopen
  • Restaurants and cafes open for takeaway and delivery only
  • Higher on the spot fines for breaching rules

For further information please visit the Victorian Government website.

Staying safe is more important than ever… Keep wearing a mask, maintaining distance and if you feel sick, get tested and stay home.

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