Important update to Third Step and further easing of restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne effective from 28 October 2020. Key points:

Stay safe, no restrictions on reasons to leave the house, must stay within 25km from home
If you can work from home, you must continue to work from home
Face masks are mandatory, ensure you wear a face mask in public and in situations where you are unable to social distance. Face shields, bandanas and scarves are no longer sufficient. A face mask should cover the nose and mouth.
No interstate travel unless for permitted purposes
Ten people may gather outdoors from any number of households
Two people from the same household can visit you at your home. You can only have one visit a day. It is recommended to wear a mask
Stay within 25km of your home except for permitted reasons such as work or education if these cannot be done at home
Allied health professionals resume routine face-to-face care
Restaurants and cafes open for dine in with limits on indoor and outdoor seating
Shopping and retail open including hairdressing, beauty and personal care services. Restrictions apply

For more information click here.

As restrictions ease it is more important than ever that we take steps every day to keep ourselves and others safe. Remember to wash hands regularly, wear a face mask, practice respiratory hygiene, maintain social distance, meet outdoors where possible, if you have symptoms get tested and stay home and most importantly if you are unwell stay home.

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