Access to safe housing remains a key challenge facing Australia’s First Nations women. In acknowledging our presence on land that was stolen and not ceded, Women’s Housing Ltd is emerging from the pandemic with the goal to increase the representation of First Nations women in our properties and provide them with a home that meets their needs.

Hearing the invaluable stories of our Renters has helped us understand their needs in the pursuit of providing culturally safe and inclusive housing.

Many of our First Nations Renters came to us with experiences of housing insecurity. Women’s Housing Ltd is proud to provide a safe and inclusive home to these Renters. The certainty and permanency our housing brings to our First Nations renters has been described as bringing a sense of security and safety that been missing.

The stories of three First Nations Renters speaks to why Women’s Housing Ltd does what we do:

  • WHL Tenancy Officers create a safe yarning space to connect with Renters. After meeting a Renter in her home over several cups of coffee and establishing a personal connection, the Renter was able to address her rental arrears and now lives comfortably free of rental debt and risk to her housing security.
  • A woman was afforded financial and housing stability, thereby allowing them to return to study and achieve their career goal alongside a safe family home.
  • Another Renter was passed through six different housing providers before arriving with Women’s Housing Ltd, where she was relieved to be assisted with her move and obtaining warm clothes and food. When she connected with another First Nations woman housed by our organisation in her property, she found a further sense of belonging in her new home.

We are proud to be an organisation helping to lead the nation towards greater housing inclusivity and protection for our First Nations Australians.

Thank you to all our renters who were so generous and helpful in writing this article.

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