Thread Together

Women’s Housing Ltd has formed a partnership with Thread Together.  Thread Together addresses the uncomfortable truth around clothing waste by saving new clothes from going to landfill and providing them to people in need.  The clothing services are FREE and available to WHL renters via the Mobile Wardrobe Van and an online service accessible via the Tenancy Officer. Recently the Mobile Wardrobe Van visited the Berwick Rooming House and residents were able to enjoy some retail therapy. Residents were very excited about their new clothing, Bonds underwear, Berlie bras and Sketchers runners were just some of the items available.  The day was a resounding success with 18 residents taking part on the day.

Warrnambool Announcement

[caption id="attachment_3165" align="alignnone" width="488"] Pictured: Judy Line, CEO of Women's Housing Ltd and The Hon Richard Wynne MP, Victorian Housing Minister announced $2.9 million development for social housing for older women and women escaping family violence. picture: Chris Doheny[/caption] On 18 May 2022, Minister for Housing Richard Wynne met with Women’s Housing Ltd’s representatives, including Chief Executive Officer Judy Line, to officially announce the development of eight new townhouses in Warrnambool as part of the Victorian Government's Big Housing Build. When completed the properties will provide safe housing for women escaping family violence, women over the age of 55 and first nation women. “Everyone deserves the right to a roof over their head and there is a very real need in the southwest of Victoria for more housing for women.”  Minister for Housing Richard Wynne “We’re very, very proud to be building this development here in Warrnambool.”  Judy Line, CEO, Women’s Housing Ltd


Access to safe housing remains a key challenge facing Australia’s First Nations women. In acknowledging our presence on land that was stolen and not ceded, Women’s Housing Ltd is emerging from the pandemic with the goal to increase the representation of First Nations women in our properties and provide them with a home that meets their needs. Hearing the invaluable stories of our Renters has helped us understand their needs in the pursuit of providing culturally safe and inclusive housing. Many of our First Nations Renters came to us with experiences of housing insecurity. Women’s Housing Ltd is proud to provide a safe and inclusive home to these Renters. The certainty and permanency our housing brings to our First Nations renters has been described as bringing a sense of security and safety that been missing. The stories of three First Nations Renters speaks to why Women’s Housing Ltd does what we do:

  • WHL Tenancy Officers create a safe yarning space to connect with Renters. After meeting a Renter in her home over several cups of coffee and establishing a personal connection, the Renter was able to address her rental arrears and now lives comfortably free of rental debt and risk to her housing security.
  • A woman was afforded financial and housing stability, thereby allowing them to return to study and achieve their career goal alongside a safe family home.
  • Another Renter was passed through six different housing providers before arriving with Women’s Housing Ltd, where she was relieved to be assisted with her move and obtaining warm clothes and food. When she connected with another First Nations woman housed by our organisation in her property, she found a further sense of belonging in her new home.
We are proud to be an organisation helping to lead the nation towards greater housing inclusivity and protection for our First Nations Australians. Thank you to all our renters who were so generous and helpful in writing this article.

More Homes for Women in Need

As part of the Victorian State Government’s “Big Housing Build”, the first round of funding from Homes Victoria will see a total of $738 million invested in 89 projects across the state. Women’s Housing Ltd has successfully secured funding for 309 new social housing dwellings spread over 13 projects, the dwellings are designed to house women and children in need of a safe place to call home.  The new homes will be built in areas where they are needed most and will target women and children escaping domestic violence and older women, with 10% of the new homes allocated to Aboriginal Victorians. “This is an incredibly exciting moment for WHL and our clients – both present and future,” said Judy Line, CEO of Women’s Housing Ltd. Work on the projects will begin by the end of 2021 and it is anticipated that tenants will have a new place to call home by the end of 2023.

Big Thanks…

An anonymous donor gifted WHL 500 items of clothing.  These garments were of high quality, merino wool, linen and silk.  These garments were transported by Tenancy Officers to many renters across Melbourne. Thanks to our anonymous donor!!

“I have a special event this weekend and I had nothing to wear. Now I feel I will be the best dressed there.  Thank-you!” Renter “Oh my, I never thought I would wear something so beautiful. Thanks.” Renter “It was fantastic to be able to give the residents these clothes. Very good quality and very much appreciated... There was such a buzz in the air... so much happiness”  Tenancy Officer

Important COVID-19 Update

At 80% fully vaccinated, regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne will come together under the same rules.  From 6pm 29 October 2021 the following rules apply:
Reasons to stay home have been lifted. Curfew no longer in place. 10 people including dependents can visit you in your home per day. Up to 30 people including dependents can gather in public outside. Masks are required inside. Work from home if you can, but you can go to work if fully vaccinated. All students return to face to face learning. Cafes, pubs and restaurants will be opened for seated service to fully vaccinated people indoors. All retail open.
For more information click here.
How you can help... Keep up to date with exposure sites.  Click here to see a full up-to-date list of exposure sites and isolating and testing requirements. If you have symptoms get tested. Remember to wash hands regularly, practice respiratory hygiene, maintain social distance and most importantly if you are unwell stay home.

Helping Children Transition Back to School

Transitioning back to school in the COVID-19 era can present many challenges for parents and children.  Many parents have reported that learning from home has given their child the opportunity to work at their own pace.

  • Reassure your child that it is safe to go to school.  Children have been told that learning from home is to keep them safe and healthy.  Some children may worry about returning to school.
  • Prepare your child for changes to usual school processes.  Talk about upcoming changes, ask your child what will make their transition back to school easier.
  • Re-establish normal routines in the lead up to school.  Bedtime routines, packing school bag.  Don't forget to allow more time than usual to get ready.
Remember after school children may be feeling more fatigued and may need to spend some quality time with family members.

Important COVID-19 Update

At 70% double dose vaccination target, lockdown will end in Melbourne. In Metropolitan Melbourne the following rules apply from 11.59pm 21 October 2021:
Reasons to leave home lifted. No curfew. 10 people including dependents can visit your home per day, vaccination strongly recommenced. 15 people can gather outdoors. Students return to on-site learning at least part time. Masks continue to be mandatory for those aged 12 and over and must be worn indoors (except in your own home) and outdoors at all times. The Victorian Government recommend primary school age children wear facemasks indoors and outdoors.
For more information click here.
How you can help... Keep up to date with exposure sites.  Click here to see a full up-to-date list of exposure sites and isolating and testing requirements. If you have symptoms get tested. Remember to wash hands regularly, practice respiratory hygiene, maintain social distance and most importantly if you are unwell stay home.

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