We are pleased to announce that art classes have started at our Mount Martha Rooming House.

Women’s Housing Limited would like to thank Cheryl Widlend. It is because of her vision and unwavering commitment that this project began.  Cheryl’s amazing talent and undying passion are contagious, and her patient, friendly teaching style are producing fantastic results. The atmosphere is relaxed and the participants have fun learning.

Cheryl put it perfectly when she said, “I love being the glue that hold the pages together of a new book we are all writing.”  Cheryl runs art classes each Monday from 11am – 3pm in the art room.

Also joining Cheryl is Helene Levin, who is an active participant as well as a counsellor. Helene integrates therapy into the art sessions. She talks to the participants about how they can benefit from their sessions and how art can be an outlet for their self-expression and self-development. Helene shows them how to explore their inner world of images, feelings, and thoughts and talks about different ways to reduce stress that will help them in every-day life.

Thank you Ladies!

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