On Thursday 19 April 2018 several staff from Women’s Housing Ltd attended the CHIA conference: Brave New World of Community Housing. 

“Our industry is playing an increasingly vital role in tackling Australia’s growing housing affordability crisis at a time when the financing landscape is undergoing major changes and the impact of the Victorian Government’s Homes for Victorians strategy and allocations framework is beginning to be felt.”

Staff heard from, Derek Ballantyne, the man tasked with implementing Canada’s $40 billion National Housing Strategy and about expectations of our social landlord role. 

Staff were also there to support Anne Winters, a Women’s Housing Ltd tenant, who agreed to speak at the conference.  She talked about what she wanted from a landlord and what she got from Women’s Housing Ltd. 

Thank you Anne for once again supporting the Community Housing Industry and being a wonderful advocate for women suffering a housing crisis.

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