On 5 May 2015 at the Richmond Town Hall, Women’s Housing Limited hosted an Expo

The Mayor of the City of Yarra, Phillip Vlahogiannis opened the event.
The day was filled with giveaways, workshops and information sessions.

There were representatives holding stalls and guest speakers from COTA, WIRE, ERMHA, RDNS, Amy’s Grains, Turning Point, Consumer Action, Beyond Blue, DVRCV and Women’s Health.

The workshops included yoga, meditation, nutritional health tips, simple exercise tips, art therapy, stress management and conflict resolution.

Lunch and free hand, neck and shoulder massages were provided.


Some Comments

“Enjoyed the spread of activities and information”

“Loved the massage and the yoga and the food!”

“I had a wonderful time. Thanks!”

“Fantastic initiative. Liked the variety of topics covered”

“I found it great to be able to receive advice on most of my day to day problems”

“Women’s Housing Ltd have always produced great newsletters. Interesting activities and events! Thanks for going strong. All the effort is really worth it. Thank You to Volunteers”

“Thankyou – wonderful space, well organised – very supportive, Very grateful to be involved. Art therapy was fantastic!”

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